Green product design


Overview of green viewpoints

The big picture

The big numbers - how much are can mechanical engineering impact the world?

How do you measure CO2 impact of product development?

Learn about how the greenhouse gas protocol and the link to product design

Greenwashing facts

What is greenwashing and what are the green challenges?

Sustainable materials

Introduction to sustainable materials, their characteristics and links to suppliers

CO2 reduction by material choice

Reduce CO2 emissions by material substitution: introduce green materials

Manufacturing methods and CO2 footprint

Learn more about how production methods can impact the CO2 footprint of a production

Definition of a green design

There are many ways to reduce CO2 emissions. Read about our take on the link to the greenhouse gas protocol.

We believe in sustainable solutions from a product point of view – making the actual product and production system better – in the sense that the product calls for less CO2 to perform its duty. 

Our Robust Design services do not focus on packaging, reuse of exhaust heat, buying CO2 quotes, etc.

We are to support your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) or ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) strategy and goals by efforts within product and production design. 

Sustainability in design: levers to reduce CO2 emissions

Green materials

Reduction of material consumption

  • Over-engineering 
  • Geometry optimization
  • Scrap reduction in production and assembly

Upcycling & circular design

  • Modular Robust Design enables the replacement of modules and spare parts
  • Robust Design enabling disassembly

Downstream activities

Part production

Are your ready?

A lot of new requirements and obligations are approaching production companies. 

Robust design and link to scope 1, 2 & 3

Go to CO2 reductions by material substitution

Go to CO2 reductions by production change

Go to material substitution by robust design

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