RD cost out by platform thinking

Scaling of good designs

Platform design: standardization, modularization & commonalization

Scale improvements to yield greatest effect

RD8’s design principles lead to optimum designs and build on a scientific approach to describe each entity needed to scale designs.

Volume consolidation: how does standardization, modularization & commonalization drive cost reductions?

Why is it effective to scale solutions and how can Robust Design help you?



RD8 specializes in standardization of designs, parts and interfaces – reach out to learn more.


Cost reductions by reuse save time and increase quality – if done in the right manner. 

Defined (standardized) interfaces allow the creation of product modules that enables commonalization. Thus commonalization is not limited to modularization – using a platform to create multiple modules or products can be a strong driver for cost reductions. Examples of this can be one of VW’s platforms that can derive a VW UP! and a VW Passat (two different products) – or a coffee shop that can deliver a cafe latte, flat white, cappuccino, or cortado by mixing the same components in different quantities and consistency/texture.

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