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RD8 engineering toolbox

Methods and tools to ensure robust and data driven design.

Engineering Ecosystem implementation

Robust Design driven R&D! Empower your organization and development.

RD8 Academy

Robust Design training programs for individuals and organizations via classes and e-learning. Practice through project work and certification.


World-class technical solutions have real sustainable results

Through design - what we call "green surfaces" - we want to bring a green footprint to all products and production lines. Design changes are driven by our consultancy service and technology hub.


Engineering consulting

Work with us to learn how to increase product profit or integrate Robust Design into R&D.



Explore Robust Design by insights and examples.


Examples and definition.

RD8 Engineering Ecosystem - 8 engineering disciplines
Data driven design

Objective leading indicators for engineering professionals.

grouping of engineering changes notes
Right first time

Boost engineering design and engineering efficiency by Robust Design.

Value Engineering illustration - maximize profit
Powered by Robust Design

Optimize product profitability - reduce cost and increase the price.

Illustration of cost reduction levers and assets
Product optimization

...powered by Robust Design - new ways to lower cost!

Powered by Robust Design

Utilize Robust Design to drive CO2 reduction by design.

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Our headquarter is located in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Our headquarter is located in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark.

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