New product development


Innovation factory: development of product platforms, products and modules

All development services follow our transparent and metric-driven approach. We design for RD8 index = 0 (world-class robustness) by our unique new product development process. +70% of cost and quality are influenced/defined in the product development phase - do it right the first time.

Right first time:


Product platforms

Development of modular product platforms – ensuring robust interfaces and decoupling – enabling maximum flexibility in product customization and configuration. The RD8 development process provides maximum transparency and enables next level integrated product development. Significant lowering of development timelines by concurrent design with operations (e.g. procurement, supply chain, production, assembly) and sales.

Product development

Development of products from scratch. We deliver from a-z within the development envelope – from technical concepts to final 2D drawings and handover/ramp-up with supply chain/production. Our new-product development process enables product development with increased pace allowing organizations to develop new products even faster, with less risk and less costly detours/troubleshooting.


Module development

Development of modules for products or development of defined work packages. Ensuring RD8 index = 0 is the key to design of new mechanical products. The RD8 development approach does not only focus on the core module – but the core module together with the system integration of the module.


New product development - step by step process

Typical process for a new product development and introduction - keywords and high level steps.


1-4 weeks

Concept design

3-9 weeks (depending on product complexity)

System design

3-12 weeks (depending on product complexity)

Detailed design

3-12 weeks (depending on product complexity)

Production preparation

3-12 weeks (depending on product complexity)


Handover to manufacturing

  • Mobilization of team
  • Setting governance
  • Timeline
  • Product requirements and specification: data & user studies

  • Project design drivers
  • Concept calculation models
  • Testing of unknowns and/or principles (prototyping)
  • Cost setting & Value Engineering (tolerances, assembly, production methods, …)
  • Kinematic design & 3D CAD (functionality & space claims)
  • Modularization (interface standardization & scaling principles)
  • DFA
  • Structure design & material selection
  • Kinematic interface design
  • DFM & DFA update: 3D CAD Model update
  • Prototypes & user testing
  • Tolerancing & 2D drawing creation
  • Sourcing & supplier qualification
  • Assembly: loading system designs
  • Assembly: transport system designs
  • Assembly: machine cycle design (equipment design)
  • Prototype series (e.g. FOT, SOT, TOT, 0-series)
  • Alignment with production planning & factory layout
  • Packaging
  • Ramp-up

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