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Robust Design

Links to good reads, videos and more

Inspiration for good article, youtube videos and more.

Robust Design: Youtube references

A collection of cool Youtube videos and channels which is affiliated in robust design context

The FACTs of Mechanical Design

Professor Jonathan Hopkins (University of California, Los Angeles) Youtube channel about compliant mechanisms.


Brigham Young University Compliant Mechanism Research groups Youtube channel. Compliant mechanism examples.

Munro Live

Munro & Associates review cars and modules and gives insights - especially to the automotive industry. Their review approach is very much based on buying a product and then tearing it apart with focus on how good engineering can benefit the product. Some Robust Design aspects are used (maybe unconsciously?).

Fully Charged

Latest news about EVs and clean energy.

PTC Creo - tips & tricks

David R. Martin II's Youtube channel with Creo tutorials - from basic to advanced features. If you need Creo support - you can probably find a guide here.

Compliant mechanisms

For design of mechanical joints and degrees of freedom by flexibility

Brigham Young University Compliant Mechanism Research

Brigham Young University's Department of Mechanical Engineering's website. Great introduction to compliant mechanisms - publications, illustrations, examples and videos.


For basic information about sustainability

Science Based Targets

Lookup and see which companies who have set CO2 emission reduction goals and committed to targets for reaching the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Greenhouse Gas Protocol

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol is a framework for businesses, governments, and other entities to measure and report their greenhouse gas emissions. It is one of the world’s most widely used greenhouse gas accounting standards.

Material-smart by Polykemi (Rondo) is a great tool for indicative CO2 reductions by material substitution. Rondo is a provider of recycled materials with great transparency: great track record of their supply chain and footprint together with online available datasheets.


Links to relevant sites and universities

DTU - Technical University of Denmark: Robust Design

Link to DTU's Robust Design research site.

ETH Zürich - selectively compliant structures for camber morphing wings

Dr. Dominic Keidel's (RD8) doctoral thesis about compliant design of morphing wings for aircrafts.

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