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Engineering Services in Robust Design

On this page, you will find information about our mechanical engineering consulting services - which specializes in Robust Design.

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Robust Design services to boost profit in product development

Turning designs green - one way or the other.

Robust Design drives real sustainability gains – real reductions of scrap and raw material usage – enabling more sustainable materials.

We color our Robust Design features green in CAD. The green surfaces result in improvements for increased product performance, reliability/quality and drive cost reductions.

Examples of improvement areas:


RD8 services for R&D excellence powered by Robust Design

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New product development

Design from scratch. We develop products using our unique Robust Design methods & tools - ensuring the maximum balance between new features and cost.


Way of working

Robust design driven R&D! Empower your organization and development departments to maximize value creation.


Product redesign

We redesign products to maximize profit by achieving greener products with improved performance, and less complexity (lower cost).


Green product development

We color our robust design features green in CAD. The green surfaces result in improvements for increased product performance and reliability PLUS real sustainability gains – reductions of scrap, raw material usage, energy, and enablement of sustainable materials - and play a central role in the targeting scope 1, 2, and 3 of the greenhouse gas protocol.


Product reviews

We review mechanical product designs by unique objective metrics. Identify unrevealed potentials and get to know how you can improve the robustness of a given product to maximize profit

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