Product reviews


Product review

Quantify the robustness of a mechanical design. Get rid of the gut feeling. We provide an objective measurement of product designs - a new level of product benchmarks.


Robust Design product review basis: 3D CAD file

The RD8 index makes it possible to give an objective measurement of good design. For example, an RD8 product review will measure the health of a given mechanical design by assessing the CAD model of the product and the robustness of the mechanism design.

The higher the score, the more complex a design. The aim is, in the first place, to know the robustness of the design. Like weight loss – you need to know your weight to know how much weight you have lost.

The RD8 index is an objective measure to track your performance and trim your product to an ideal state.

The RD8 index can be used as a guiding metric or R&D KPI. Unlock the full potential of the metric by linking it with BIG data, data from ERP systems, MES, etc.

Always strive for continuous improvements

An outside view reveals potentials and new ideas for improvements!

Product review - step by step process

The typical process for a product review. Done remotely by RD8 engineers - minimum customer efforts needed.

Share Design

1 week

Review Process

2-7 weeks (depending on product complexity and review depth)


1 week

  • Sign of NDA
  • Sharing of 3D CAD model
  • Potential sharing of cost data, production data, 2D drawings, product specification, etc.
  • Brief product introduction by engineering team.
  • Product review process by RD8
  • Report creation
  • Benchmarking
  • Potential Q&A with the engineering team
  • Draft of concept solutions/product improvements
  • Sharing of the review report
  • Presentation of findings and improvements
  • Recommendations & joint planning of priorities based on review findings

Implementation of new solutions

Product review typically leads to significant potential in the greener, simpler, faster, and smarter categories - a true inspiration for continuous product improvements - or the springboard for a whole new solution. Therefore, product reviews are always accommodated with guiding solutions of robust mechanism design – to enable the potentials, go to the services:

Product review depths

RD8 offers different depths of product reviews. Often a look under the hood can quickly reveal potential. For a review of different product categories, it is recommended to choose the solid or light. However, for a ramp-up of a critical new product, it is recommended to go with a full review. The RD8 product review assesses the different robust design disciplines. However, a 360 review is more extensive than a light review.

Product review quotes depend on product complexity and depth of review.

Typical reasons for a robust product review

Ensure robust mechanism and platform design.


Solid foundation

Key for a good start – ensure that the product is build on a healthy concept from the project start and minimize risk for project detours


Ready for ramp-up

Ensure the product is ready for product launch without any surprises. A Robust Design enables easy sourcing, minimum requirements for assembly, and minimizes the risk of defects during production ramp-up and market entry.


Product upgrade

Identify potentials for sustainability, quality, cost, or performance. Refuel product and production by robust design optimization of mechanisms and product architecture.

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