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Engineering Ecosystem

The RD8 Engineering Ecosystem is based on 8 engineering disciplines and is supported by 3 dimensions: Engineering Design Tools, RD8 Academy and Engineering Services.

RD8 Engineering Ecosystem - 8 engineering disciplines
Key RD8 approaches for ensuring robustness on product level between components:

1. Kinematics & Architecture – The foundation for Robust Design of mechanical products. Through kinematic analysis and synthesis, robustness is ensured and overconstraints eliminated.

2. Functions & Sensitivity – Product function is key! Ensure healthy designs with low sensitivity to incoming variation and predictable performance.

3. Design Drivers & Couplings – Establish product design drivers to balance cost, production capabilities, and performance between modules, bodies, and functions.


Generally adopted mechanical design disciplines for dimensioning of primarily single components:

4. Tolerance allocation & definition – Tolerance allocation with balancing of production capabilities and production volume is vital to ensure that CAD design reflects real world quality expectations.

5. Loads cases & structural integrity – Structural integrity is critical to avoid failure. Additionally, products and components can be optimized to increase material utilization and avoid over-engineering.

6. Material selection – Materials should be allocated due to component requirements and functional specifications, while avoiding sensitive material pairs.

7. Design for Manufacturing -Manufacturability is critical to ensure that CAD design reflects real world.

8. Design for Assembly – Assembly operations and orientations must be clear, while maintaining stable kinematics between parts and equipment.

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RD8 Ecosystem Dimensions

Explore the three dimensions below.


Engineering Design Tools

Our unique Robust Design analytics delivered directly from your 3D data provide actionable analysis results and design recommendations


RD8 Academy

Robust Design training programs for individuals and organizations via classes and online learning. Practice through project work and certification with support from robust design consultants.


Engineering Services

Design from scratch. We develop products using our unique Robust Design methods & tools - ensuring the maximum balance between new features and cost.

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