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We enable product professionals globally to create better and more sustainable products through AI and software development.

We are on a mission to enable product professionals across the globe to create better and more sustainable products. The products that surround us every day, from your phone to the equipment needed to provide critical medicine to patients in need.

Our ambition is to ultimately offer generative design to the global community to make smarter, faster, and simpler products that are also more sustainable. The road there requires deep respect and understanding of our partners’ businesses and the ability to create solutions every step of the way, growing with our partners and inside our team.

We are humble but confident in this endeavour. Our power is not in the size of our ranks but in our ability to see through design complexity and transform it into tangible design challenges that can be objectively solved. This is how we move from our own minds and into the toolbox of every product professional out there.

Our unique Robust Design analytics delivered directly from your 3D data provide actionable analysis results and design recommendations. Powered by Robust Design, we unlock design improvements that can be transformed into our 4 core offerings.

Higher quality through smarter design solutions.
Faster development through increased productivity.
Lower cost through simpler design.
Greener products by design

Let’s build tomorrow’s product today, together – through the power of Robust Design.

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Our headquarter is located in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark.

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