About us - Implementation & Application of Robust Design

About Us

Green mission

World-class technical solutions have real sustainable results

Through design - what we call "green surfaces" - we want to bring a green footprint to all products and production lines. Design changes are driven by our consultancy service and technology hub.

We have taken a big step to make a real difference for our clients. In RD8 we offer premium Robust Design services to product development and manufacturing companies.

We are focused on delivering real products and improvements that matter. We deliver design and development, build and train client competences and tools to support it as well.

All of what we do drives increased performance, reliability and innovation height for the products we design with our clients.

We are dedicated to making a sustainability contribution through Robust Design. Making more out of what we have and enabling more sustainable product solutions. Creating real benefits embedded in product design.

Our founding team, all holding M.Sc’s in mechanical engineering, has more than 40 years of expertise. We come with a proven track record domestically and internationally – across all major industries. Our framework and footprint already lives within some of the biggest and most successful companies in Denmark and the rest of the world.

Martin Bue Bertelsen

Allan Lester Kierkegaard

Rasmus Kann Jensen

Markus Kyrø

The foundation of our Robust Design framework stands on the shoulders of prior contributions from especially Janus Juul Rasmussen and Martin Ebro Christensen and other capacities in the community. The framework is anchored within the Technical University of Denmark and has been developed in collaboration with major Danish industry companies driven by Valcon under the Six Theta® brand over the past years. At RD8 we are committed to developing this framework further and contributing knowledge to our peers.

A simple, but hard way towards next level products.


We empower product professionals and organisations to create more sustainable products for the good of everyone. Simple, but hard

Sustainable innovation requires competence, and a scalable tool box. We are here to deliver all of that. We deliver full service, from detail design to architectures for global product platforms

There is a blind spot in the industry and no way to fill it – until now.

We can integrate, simplify and reduce the effort to ensure a predictable and robust outcome. This grants our clients sustainable innovation and optimal use of resources.

RD8 drives products achieving predictable performance, optimal resource consumption and product robustness in market. This builds sustainable innovation.

We service R&D, Operations and Manufacturing organisations with professional consulting services. RD8 offers services making sustainable innovation operational, systematic and scalable – in any industry.

Our core is a unique Robust Design framework. We have an objective and metrics driven toolbox from which we deliver services globally.

We apply our Robust Design technologies across industries with expertise areas

    Robustness Philosophy

    Axiomatic design & classic robust design on top of a foundation of kinematic design.

    Design for sensitivity, complexity reduction and decoupling – based on a kinematic design foundation.

    RD8 Robust Design Philosophy