Junior UX/UI Developer RUN Tools


Junior UX/UI Developer RUN Tools

Joining the RD8 team as a junior UI/UX developer means you’ll be jumping to the forefront of the robust design technology field, helping create software that will be used by mechanical product development professionals from multiple industries all over the world.

Your primary task will be to develop a set of applications to support the RD8 training & upskilling program – an academy where we train and teach Robust Design methods to engineering professionals making some of the most demanding products out there. Your work will enable digital learning on a global scale and power real product solutions. Robust Design makes real differences for resource consumption, product safety and the users.

You will design and implement user interfaces for maximum usability and performance in web-based applications, helping designers, mechanical engineers and project managers coordinate and share information, generate and test solutions. If you have a creative mind, a strong sense of user interface design and a good eye for detail, this might be the job for you!

You will be working with frontrunners within the area of robust design – experts on a global level – in a start-up with global ambitions. Our highly skilled team works with a go-do attitude and open mindset – creative and structured. There’s a short way from decision to action and a high degree of freedom to shape the company and solutions. Great opportunities to take responsibility and for business areas going forward.

What you will be doing

  • Work with a small team to design and build web applications to function across multiple browsers – focus on the RD8 RUN Tools Pack – a set of software tools for engineers that support the RD8 training & upskilling program
  • Produce front-end code and visual comps to create a polished and highly functional user interface with a focus on usability and simplicity of design
  • Collaborate with end users of software programs, including various robust design professionals and project managers, to determine user needs and adapt the web application accordingly
  • Use graphic design software to create branding and logos and incorporate visual elements into programming with the goal of creating a streamlined design and a pleasant but visually simple user interface
  • Conduct thorough testing of user interfaces in multiple browsers to ensure all designs render correctly and systems function properly, incorporating feedback from actual potential users as well as members of the design team
  • Solve design or usability issues that arise and anticipate potential future problems so they can be resolved before they impact users

What we need from you


  • Studying computer science or information technology
  • Strong understanding of front-end coding and development technologies
  • Knowhow of TypeScript and React JavaScript library
  • Understanding of GraphQL and RESTful API’s
  • Basic knowledge of relational databases
  • Familiarity with Git, e.g, GitHub/GitLab etc.


  • Experience with 3D web framework, e.g. threejs, babylonjs, cesiumjs or similar. It is an additional advantage if you know about the gLTF file format.
  • Basic understanding of architectural design
  • Ability to work in Linux based development environments
  • Basic understanding of MicroService architectural design principles
  • Basic understanding of Docker
  • Basic understanding of Continuous Integration pipelines
  • Basic understanding of Unit tests / Functional tests / Integration tests


For further informations about the position please contact Markus Kyrø +45 30 271 090

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Our headquarter is located in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark.

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