Training: M1.0 – Kinematics Pro


Kinematics Pro

The module goes in depth with kinematic design. Participants will be able to understand and apply kinematic theory to type cases and get a chance to practice on own designs.

Course objectives

After course completion the participant will be able to:

  • Be able to analyze an interface by RD8 Robust Design principles
  • Be able to review complex mechanical products/systems by kinematic principles and identify issues
  • Be able to identify sub-systems and know how to handle them
  • Be able to define the intent of a mechanical products/system by kinematic principles to satisfy the Kutzbach criterion
  • Understand how to quantify the robustness of any given mechanical product
  • Be able to use the RD8 product development platform
  • Know how to handle identified over-constraints
  • Be able to use flexibility to your advantage
  • Be able to use iterations and be able to track the design process

Training types

Online (open course) - 5 days

08:00 - 12:00

Classroom style (private) - 2.5 days

08:00 - 16:00


Between lectures (optional)

Open courses are available for everyone. Open courses are hosted online via MS Teams.

For groups of more than 8 people - private - classroom style training will be scheduled.


The modules below are prerequisites for the module

Module fee

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