Python Developer / SRE for RD8


Python Developer / SRE for RD8

We are on a mission to enable product professionals across the globe to create better and more sustainable products. The products that surround us every day, from your phone to the equipment needed to provide critical medicine to patients in need.

Our unique Robust Design suite integrating directly with the designers’ 3D data provides actionable analysis results and design recommendations. Powered by Robust Design, we unlock design improvements that can be transformed into our 4 core offerings.

Higher quality through smarter design solutions.
Faster development through increased productivity.
Lower cost through simpler design.
Greener products by design

Joining the RD8 team as a Python developer means you’ll be jumping to the forefront of the robust design technology field, helping create software that will be used by mechanical product development professionals from multiple industries all over the world. Your work will power real product solutions.

Our ambition is to ultimately offer generative design to the global community to make smarter, faster, simpler products that are also more sustainable. The road there requires a deep respect and understanding of our partners’ businesses and the ability to create solutions every step of the way, growing with our partners and inside our team.

Let’s build tomorrow’s product today, together – through the power of Robust Design.

What you will be doing

You will be working with frontrunners within the area of robust design – experts on an international level – in a start-up with global ambitions.

At RD8, we provide a high degree of freedom in defining and shaping your work, a no-nonsense work environment with welcoming colleagues, and an active social calendar.
We primarily work from our headquarters but mix it up with remote work when it makes sense. We do our best to provide optimal conditions and perks to keep your flow going. Among others, we have lunch service, snacks, and refreshments, as well as a makerspace for your next brilliant hobby project.

You will be working in direct reference to our PO and leadership team, close to the users and the business.

  • Develop a cloud based Python API and backend to support the RD8 Design Platform
  • Run and support the software tools in production
  • Collaborate with internal and external users defining features, receiving feedback and helping prioritize development work
  • Working with a small, dedicated, co-located agile team following Kanban practices with a bit of Scrum on top
  • Contribute to growing a sustainable software team in an ambitious organization on the forefront of robust design globally

What we are using

  • Python, GraphQL, Google Cloud (Functions, Firestore, Run), GitLab

What we need from you

  • A curious and pragmatic mindset with teamwork focus based on agile principles
  • Mastery of Python
  • Practical knowledge of continuous integration/deployment along with the necessary
    technologies and practices underneath
  • A well-rounded and mature personality comfortable with taking responsibility
  • Bonus points for experience in one or more of the following areas: 3D, CAD, C++

Our location

Our headquarter is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Strandboulevarden 122, 2. floor, 2100 Copenhagen


For further information about the position please contact Martin Bue Bertelsen at +45 61 972 562 or

Get in touch with us

Our headquarter is located in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark.

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